Obligation regarding the four sisters' marriage lays on the shoulders of Lala Kedarnath, the oldest and just sibling

What follows are his tireless endeavors to guarantee his sisters settled down in marriage prior to wedding Sapna, his life as a youngster darling.

Survey: The film takes off rapidly in the districts of Chandni Chowk, where Lala Kedarnath (Akshay Kumar) claims a pushtaini gol gappa (panipuri) shop

He is famous, particularly among the pregnant ladies who trust that subsequent to swallowing down gol gappas from his shop

they will conceivably bring forth a child kid. Indeed, even in his own life, he is encircled by a group of four sisters — reasonable and capable Gayatri (Sadia Khateeb),

plump Durga (Deepika Khanna), dim Laxmi (Smrithi Srikanth), and rough and tumble Saraswati (Sahejmeen Kaur) — and, obviously, his better half, Sapna (Bhumi Pednekar).

ala made a guarantee to his mom on her deathbed that he would secure the bunch solely after he has satisfied his obligation of wedding his sisters into reasonable homes

Regardless of his earnest attempts and cautious screening of every accessible man,                                    

he can't offer his sisters. Simultaneously, Lala's dedication to his sisters blocks his heartfelt existence with Sapna.

Akshay has actually conveyed his personality Lala's numerous feelings at various places in the film